Inside Juliette's Journal

Inside Juliette's Journal

Welcome to the first edition of Juliette’s Journal! We’re so glad you’re here. 

It’s been just over three years since we started Juliette Fabbri, and in that time we’ve never really had a steady, long term relationship with newsletters. For one thing the notion of a “newsletter” never felt great. Funny how changing the language around it opened up so much more. While our Journal is absolutely a digital artifact from the digital age, we really are hoping it will feel more engaging, more connected, more friend-to-friend. That’s definitely how it feels to create and plan them. 

But there’s something more to this whole effort—something even more personal. 

Even though I love writing, doing so for my brand and my business usually feels more challenging and it always takes me away from what I do best. Designing new shapes, sourcing beautiful fabrics, collaborating with impeccable tailors, connecting with wonderful shopkeepers and beautiful clients. And ultimately helping women find the dresses and separates that help them feel more like themselves. The more I grow, the harder it is to pour myself into tasks that aren't my forté.

But we can do hard things! Especially with a team! That more personal part that I referred to earlier is about me challenging myself to share more and to be more consistent ... to build trust in myself that I can. It's about creating a world where I can approach the more difficult parts of running a small independent and female-owned business with the same love and attention that I use to design and create. 

I do feel a little vulnerable sharing this part with you, but I think as women we should be okay saying, "Hey, this isn't easy but I can do it." As women business owners we should be okay telling our communities that what we do is both beautiful and hard. 

So thanks for letting me say that. It feels hard, and it feels beautiful, too.