UNWRITTEN CAPSULE a time of becoming

UNWRITTEN CAPSULE a time of becoming
Juliette Fabbri invites you to preorder our UNWRITTEN CAPSULE – Available Thursday August 6th until Thursday August 20th 2020.
The UNWRITTEN CAPSULE is quiet volume drenched in color, based on the principles of the nightdress – spare cocoon-like shapes, easy to wear, ready for anything, but now offered as dresses for day and night.

Given our new realities of life during this pandemic, many things have moved closer to home. While at first all the uncertainty and change was paralyzing, it has allowed me to try new things and find new ways to work. It’s also brought me closer to you, my followers and dear customers, and so I’ve decided to take this as an opportunity to operate more sustainably, eliminate waste, and invite you behind the scenes to see how clothes are made. This pandemic has helped me focus on my values - I know I don’t want to create a brand producing fashion nonstop, I’d like to be more thoughtful and intentional.

My next collection will be offered as pre order only. Instead of guessing as to what colors, sizes and styles to produce, we will be making each dress for you, this allows us to eliminate waste, operate more sustainably and be connected with the sewers making our dresses. 

I’ve set up collaborations with several sewers here in Seattle that do beautiful work. We will be cutting and sewing your dresses, one dress at a time. As a maker, I think there is so much value in making something well and being able to pay people for their skill. Plus, making a dress for a specific person, versus making a dress we hope will go to a new home, feels more intentional. With a made to order approach there comes a wait. But perhaps there is something delicious about anticipation.
All pre orders from the UNWRITTEN CAPSULE will be delivered in October. 

Your pre order allows me to continue to offer new ideas for now and the next collection. Thank you for believing in me and trying this new approach with me. Please write to me at shop@juliettefabbri.com if you have any questions. 

Xx Juliette