Inside and Out

Inside and Out

Okay, now that we’ve all settled into this new year and started to make it our own, I want to share a little bit about our behind-the-scenes process with you. While there’s so much that goes into planning our shapes and colors, our photoshoots, and our overall visual language … we also put so much into planning our growth and our staying power as a brand. And I want you to know about it!

Each quarter and each year, I identify what I'm going to focus on. These ideas become like mantras for me, and they help me make big and little decisions. They come to me like reminders in the moment, and are there as an overall arch for the timeframe at hand. 

These are the ideas that are shaping everything we do right now:

  1. Up-leveling—as in, we're in a moment of embracing the moment, and aiming as high as we can while still meeting our core needs and living our values.
  2. Getting my ducks in a row (for scaling).
  3. How can I show up more in this relationship?
  4. Our sustainability statement, which is forthcoming.

 Love from Seattle,
- Juliette