What is natural, and genuine, and purposeful, always endures—the pieces we love the most grow with us, and become with us. Those simple ideas were at the heart of Juliette Fabbri when I first imagined it in Seattle in 2019 and true to their essence, they’re with me now in each capsule collection I create. 

I came to design later in life after pursuing environmental biology and activism. I wanted to be part of creating a world where natural resources were protected and celebrated; where our imprint was low but our impact was high. Where all people are honored for who they are. Now I use that approach with dresses, jumpsuits, and separates. I want clothing to be effortless, interesting, and easy on the earth. I want women to feel beautiful and comfortable outside the confines of traditional standards.

Foundationally inspired by both sleepwear and menswear, I design our uncomplicated and uncommon silhouettes to empower embodied, creative women who are building beautiful lives of meaning and purpose. In easy monotone palettes, with shapes that lean toward volume to simultaneously show the body and shield the body, Juliette Fabbri can be about taking up space, or it can be about a quiet sense of ease. Each woman—in any given style, at any moment—decides what looks and feels best for her body and her self-expression. Longevity, individuality, and embodiment are built into everything we do. —Juliette



A Slow Fashion ethos leads the way; our timeless capsule collections exist outside of the typical industry cycle, which means less waste and a more singular, special appeal. In producing fewer, finer garments less often, we encourage women to purchase fewer, finer garments less often, too. Our design process begins with the big picture—our carefully considered styles and fabrications are meant to cultivate and extend an appreciation of materials, makers, and natural resources.  

  • Juliette Fabbri is crafted exclusively from high quality, natural fibers such as linen, wool, and cotton. Fine cotton poplin and shirting are emphasized; they age like we do, getting better and better with time. 
  • The majority of our cottons are OEKO-TEX Standard 100-certified and follow the Better Cotton Initiative, promoting water efficiency, care of the soil and the natural environment, minimal use of fertilizers, and humane working conditions across 21 countries.
  • Our wool is sourced and made of extra-fine Australian and Argentinian merino wool sustainably obtained from free-living sheep and mulesing-free guaranteed.
  • We invest time and energy in sourcing fabrics and textiles that are crafted, woven, and colored without toxic chemicals or processes. We take clean style seriously, knowing that it’s not just the decisions we make but those made before us and all along the value chain that contribute to garments we feel great about. 
  • A minimalist mindset permeates our presence and our conversations; whether we’re talking about our collections, the artists we’re inspired by, or the women we admire, we are talking about investing in quality over quantity. We’re talking about slowing down and showing up. We’re talking about mending and repairing. We’re talking about the priceless patina of age and history. 



We work with people we enjoy knowing, people whose values and vision align with ours. And we work with materials we love to be close to and long to grow old with. Our partnerships are more than transactions; our fabrication pathway is about more than just producing garments. In placing production within the realm of community, shared resources, and long-term relationships, we make decisions based not just on time and money but on positive impact, mutual growth, and human connection.

  • Whenever possible, Juliette Fabbri collections are made in New York City’s Garment District. We are proud of the fact that our highly experienced studio partners also produce for some of our favorite brands including The Row and Proenza Schouler. Domestic manufacturing supports a healthy and sustainable American economy, reduces carbon footprints and pollution, and helps ensure that personnel are treated fairly and are protected by U.S. employment laws.
  • Investing in expert-quality construction means we are making garments that are built to last. Tailoring techniques that yield durability underscore our core values and an anti-disposable ideology.   
  • Our trade-regulated garment packaging is made with 100% recycled content; our shipping packaging is free from petroleum-based plastics, is also made with 100% recycled content, and is 100% recyclable.