Lightness, a swirl of ideas and dreams, color, shapes, riffing on one concept to create the next. Photography. Emotion. What pulls you in and makes you feel something? The billow of a skirt, the way a strap falls away from the shoulder; movement, freedom

In some ways I’ve been doing this my whole life, in others, every day is a new beginning.

When I quit my design job at Nordstrom three years ago, it was because I knew I was an entrepreneur at the core. I was hungry to start my own design business, and I craved standing in the strength and independence that such a decision would surely require. In reality it’s also become a personal journey, one that requires taking good care of myself so I can make decisions and connections with a clear heart. ⁠

Being a designer is how I recognize myself, it’s the making of things that carries me through. My dresses are made in collaboration with expert millworkers, exquisite tailors, and shop owners who think and dream like gallery curators. What aligns us is the quiet, sophisticated allure that comes with minimal construction and monotone palettes. Every detail is about creating the beauty we believe in. 

I created Juliette Fabbri as a way to explore and design clothes that help us feel beautiful, interesting, and at ease. When we connect to these essential states, everything else is just that much more possible. As our world evolves to be more aware, more inclusive, more equal, the world depends on us becoming more like ourselves. We all have to challenge ourselves to do the most, and be the most. For now and for the future. 

Later when the sun is high, you’re still in your nightdress only you’re the only one who would call it that. An appointment, an errand. Answering calls, asking questions, laughing with a friend. The day comes and goes. You are bare and warm; graceful and strong.⁠

Awake and dreaming.