As a designer, I’m interested in how things feel. I’m not so drawn to trends but what feels fresh and interesting, what feels good on the body, what can be worn any season. For a while I’ve been absorbed with voluminous clothing - oversized, minimal lines, monotone colors.

Swedish designer Matilda Norberg dark green knit oversized voluminous long sleeved dress with bare neck, slicked back hair
Swedish designer Matilda Norberg

I’m definitely not the only one obsessed with this, and while big dresses are fun to wear, there’s a lot to be said about the psychology of wearing voluminous clothing. It goes against popular tenets of womens fashion - i.e. appreciating the female body - and is about giving women a break from the pressures of the subject of their body. 

Tracee Ellis Ross in voluminous Valentino hot pink off the shoulder gown at the 2018 Emmy Awards on the red carpet, best dressed
Tracee Ellis Ross in Valentino at the 2018 Emmys

I didn’t begin designing with this succinct statement in mind, I just knew it felt good to show some skin where I wanted, and have things loose everywhere else. I could get on with my day - without feeling a tight waistband and then feeling guilty about what I ate for lunch. 

Mika wears Tomo Koizumi Spring 2020 blueish white ruffle dress in Vogue Japan June 2020 at the beach, blogger Blair Eadie wearing Torlowei oversize voluminous dress off the shoulder big abstract print yellow background dark grey floor
Left: Tomo Koizumi Spring 2020 in VOGUE Japan; Right: Blogger Blair Eadie wearing Torlowei

We can’t talk about volume fashion without talking about freedom. Freedom from revealing every curve, shielded from the male gaze. It is also, subtly or not, an assertive way to literally take up more space. And since our culture teaches women to be small and take up less space, this can feel very empowering. <Cue the 80s> Those shoulder pads were about more than style, they reflected womens desire to occupy space in a male dominated world. Seems just as relevant for today. 

navy and black brocade oversized voluminous strappy dress with shirred empire waist on a white shadow background, model had tattoos eyes closed pale lipstick
Aja Brocade Dress from our UNWRITTEN CAPSULE
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